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Why choose to work with us?

Square was established as the first LSR industrial production enterprise in China, and it’s the fifth following the United States Dows, the United States GE silicone, Germany Wacker and Japan Shin-Etsu. Square has led the development of Chinese liquid silicone rubber industry.

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We have a strong core team!

Li Yanmin

Chairman and general manager

Shenzhen high-level talent, Youth League members of Longgang District. The assessment expert of Shenzhen science and technology expert library. CEC member.15 personal invention patents, published three papers in core journals.

Education background:

1994 Graduated from South China University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in polymer materials;

2009 to 2011 studied at Wall Street English (China), graduated with the T1 grade senior business English certificate;

2012 to 2013 training and get certificate of completion in the Peking University MBA senior executive class;

Since 2013 at the Shanghai Jiaotong University and the French University of Nice Business Administration Doctor (DBA);

Work experience:

He worked as a technician and R & D manager of Shenzhen Tianyu Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. in July 1994. He has 8 years experience in R & D of HTV silicone rubber, and has been the founder and leader of R & D center. The center has become a pioneer of several advanced technologies in HTV silicone rubber industry.

In September 2002, establish Shenzhen Square Silicone Materials Co., Ltd., China’s first to rely on independent invention patents for liquid silicone rubber large-scale industrialization of the leader. Lead the formation of China’s liquid silicone rubber industry chain and the rapid development. Square starts from scratch and grow and develop rapidly, now become an important member in global liquid silicone rubber industry.

Liu Shaohu

Vice general manager and marketing director of east China market

Vice general manager and marketing director of east China market, Han nationality, born in 1970, Chinese nationality.

Education background:

In 1992 graduated from Wenzhou TV University.

Work experience:

1993 was appointed general manager of Wenzhou Lucheng Great Wall Trade Co., Ltd.;
2000 General Manager in Shanghai Mao Wei Trade Co., Ltd.
2015 Vice general manager in Zhejiang Square Silicone Co., Ltd., responsible for the construction of Quzhou factory.

Li Xiangzhen

Deputy General Manager and Supply Chain Operations Director

Deputy general manager and Supply Chain Operations Director, Han nationality, born in March 1970, Chinese nationality, assistant engineer.

Education background:

In July 1992 graduated from Jianghan University, major in analysis and testing, college degree.

Work experience:

July 1993 to January 2000, as Shenzhen Tianyu Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. testing engineers;
July 2002-January 2016, served as Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Square Silicone Co., Ltd.
Since January 2016, he has served as Director and Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Square Silicone Co., Ltd.

We have a outstanding industry qualifications!

Qualification Honor

In the past 16 years, we get a series of honor from the Chinese government and our global customers, such as National high-tech enterprise, High-tech Enterprise Certificate, Shenzhen well-known brands etc.

R & D capabilities

Our professional R&D team can make rapid R&D response to products demanded by the market, and develop various series of products in time to meet the growing needs of customers.

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