SQUARE® Vinyl silicone oil

This series of products are different viscosity vinyl silicone oil used as diluter for adjusting the viscosity and hardness of silicone rubber.

Key Feature:

  • Excellent transparency
  • High tensile and tear strength
  •  Good rebound
  • Fine thermal and whether ability(Temp. from -50 °C ~ 230 °C)
  •   Yellowing resistance
  • USA FDA CFR 21.Part.177.2600,  EN14350-2,Section 4.9 testing standards for volatile compounds,
  • ROHS and REACH certificate

Basic Model:

PS-500  PS-10 PS-05  PS-01  PS-02  PS-021  PS-022  LVCPS-500  LVCPS-10  LVCPS-05 LVCPS-01 LVCPS-02 LVCPS-021